The Britney Spears Quiz. How Well Do You Know The Pop Princess?

Oh Britney! Britney!

Britney is one of the most talented and popular pop-stars of our generation.

She made a quick rise to the top, as a very young performer, and has had her share of controversy.

Do you know where she was born?

Who Britney Spears was married to?

How much do you know really know about the Pop Princess?

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Britney Spears reveals why this star breakdown was even worse than we thought this entertainment business has not affected me really at all.

Britney Spears didn’t exactly have a glamorous childhood, but her family struggles went far beyond the financial. Her father Jamie Spears had a drinking problem and would often take out his anger on his family, particularly his wife, Lynn Spears.

Her aunt Chandra believes the constant fighting between her parents caused Britney to become a quiet and withdrawn child, but all of that changed when Britney got on stage. She grew up singing in the church choir and her parents used what little money they had to pay for voice lessons from a very early age.

It was apparent she had an incredible talent and she also had two parents eager for her to hit it big in the entertainment industry and they weren’t waiting around. In fact, the first time she auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club at the age of eight, she was rejected for being too young, but far from being deterred, Len moved Britney to New York City and started signing her up for any gig she could get. She appeared in commercials and on Star Search before finally making it onto the Mickey Mouse Club at age 12

Did some of those kids look familiar that’s because you just saw Justin, Timberlake, Keri, Russell, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling? It was probably one of the most special times in my life. Is it Mickey Mouse Club in the early days of her singing career? She was opening for in sync, but before long, her first album baby.

One more time was a huge hit and everyone was talking about Britney or at least who they thought. Britney was when she released her first album. She was only 17 and has since admitted that her image was constructed to sell a product and that product was her while it was undeniably effective.

It definitely took a toll at one point: Britney admitted that even she was tired of seeing her face everywhere. She was desperate to get a break, but her schedule was so busy. She only had a single hour of quiet time per day and yes, that hour was also scheduled, even though she was an adult Britney had to sneak out of the studio just to do simple things like grab some Starbucks or pump her own gas, and that’s if she could avoid the paparazzi, even though she had a level of Fame, most people can only dream of Britney wanted something more loved, questionable, denim outfits aside, everyone thought she and Justin Timberlake were the perfect couples, including Britney.

She was looking forward to settling down and getting married, but Justin had other ideas. He said they were just too young to make it work, but his song, Crime a River, told a different story. He wrote it just a few hours after their breakup and it implied.

Brittany had been unfaithful during their relationship. However, Brittany denies this and says it just added an extra helping of hurt on top of a bad breakup. Other than crying me a river Justin has only good things to say about his ex.

She has a huge heart. She is a great person. She wrote her own breakup song every time in response, but Britney was still looking for love, which led to a quick 55-hour long marriage to her childhood friend, Jason Alexander.

According to Jason, there was a bit of alcohol involved, but her family’s attorney Leon. Gladstone says her split with Justin kicked off a downward spiral that only got worse. Suddenly Britney was pushing her family away and got married again this time to Kevin Federline, with whom she would go on to have two children, Sean and Jaden.

They got married in 2004 when Britney was 22. There was speculation at the time that she got together with Kevin to make Justin jealous since he had once worked as his backup dancer Kevin where’s the baby, but even though Britney loved being a mother, her parenting skills were constantly called into question, especially when she was caught driving with baby Shawn on her lap, I did it with my dad that’s it or country.

In 2006. She filed for divorce and was constantly seen partying with pals, like Paris, Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. It may have looked like she was having fun, but the reality was that this star was totally out of control.

Britney checked in to Crossroads Center rehab facility in 2007, only to check out a day later and shave her head in a very public fashion said. I want to shave my hair off, I said no, you don’t. She said. Oh yes, I do. There were many serious allegations on both sides, but in the end, Sam got hit with a restraining order and Jamie was named conservator of Brittany and her substantial estate, but her problems were far from over.

She lost custody of her sons to her ex and while she was working to regain visitation rights, her behavior continued to be erratic. In 2008, things came to a head when she refused to return her sons to Kevin when her visitation was over.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that she appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. She was taken to the hospital and left later in the company of dr.

Phil. No, we’re, not joking. Her business manager, Lou Taylor, said he betrayed her trust by talking about her to the press, but dr. Phil says he was only there to help we’ll. Let you decide if his intentions were altruistic or if this is another example of someone exploiting Brittany when she was in desperate need of help with her dad in charge of her health and finances.

Kevin Federline got a restraining order against Jamie on behalf of both himself and his two sons. He claims Shaun felt unsafe during an argument with his grandfather and locked himself in a room while criminal charges won out.

A new la pop up experience called the zone will open featuring ten different rooms. Inspired by her hit singles, instead of being excited, many fans are actually protesting the event under the hashtag free Britney banner.

These people believe the pop-up is trying to deflect the public’s, attention away from the conservator case, test Barker, who co-hosts the Britney’s. Gram podcast points to a time in April of 2019, when Brittany openly left a hotel with her boyfriend, Samus Gauri, instead of exiting quietly through a back entrance.

She wonders if this was an intentional distraction for Brittany’s May hearing, and just because this star’s, life wasn’t complicated enough. She also had to go back to the court regarding a restraining order against her former manager.

Sam Lutfi, not only did the original order forbid Sam from contacting Brittany, but it also covered her parents and sons, but in court, Sam admitted that he contacted Lynn Spears out of concern for her daughter in 2019.

Sam called the original order unconstitutional and says Lynn, never asked him to stop texting and calling the judge disagreed with his outlook and in June 2019 the family was granted a five-year restraining order against Sam don’t get us wrong.

She assured fan s that she’ll, be back on stage at some point, but it’s safe to say, most of us are wondering what’s going on behind the scenes?

What do you think about the story of Britney Spears?

Should her father remain as her conservator or should he stay far away?

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