Quiz: How Well Do You Know Batman in the Movies?

Batman has always been really popular at the movies.

Do you remember the different Alfreds?
Or Dick Grayson?

Along with a rich list of villains? How many different actors have played Batman?

How much do you know about them?

Let’s find out…

Test your knowledge in this Batman Quiz!

You know him as the Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, or just the bat.

Let’s rank the Batman movies. Quality is the key factor, so we’re only looking at the very best of the Caped Crusader’s

Batman Forever.

Are you yesterday’s, news crews, Joel Schumacher’s debut to the Batman scene, blended, a dark atmosphere with a comic-book flavor of action featuring Val Kilmer as the fabled vigilante he does battle with the Troublesome twosome of Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey as two-face and the Riddler respectively, they call me the richer, recruiting the help of Robin for the first time in this mainstream series, this film is remembered as an underrated but fun romp, but fancy as being akin to a kiss from a rose car, chicks, Love the car number 9 Batman, the movie hello, Batman, speaking holy, show us that Batman holy nightmare Batman?

Could it be it’s been so long since the famous Dark Knight has looked like this, that some younger fans might be stunned by this entry? Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb based on the famous Adam West TV series, this feature-length adaptation, blams, zapped, and biffed its way onto the silver screen in 1966.

I wish it was Robin, but it’s. Not it’s five dehydrated pirates rehydrate alongside his brilliant companion, as played by Burt Ward.  Batman must do battle against a mash-up of nefarious villains, including the penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, and the Joker as much as one wouldn’t associate as being a real Batman movie.

This is certainly one brilliant comedy that aimed to emulate the paper and flashy er side of the comic’s number eight Batman under the Red Hood. This doesn’t change. Anything it doesn’t change, anything at all, written by Judd Winick, who also produced the comic this movie, is based on Batman.

Under the Red Hood serves as the eighth animated feature in the DC Universe, the Red Hood might be with Bruce greenwood lending. His voice to our titular hero Batman faces his most secret of villains to date.

Yes, he’s, putting on quite a show a masked criminal who goes by the name of Red Hood. Those are the heads of all your lieutenants that took me two hours. You want to see what I can get done in a whole evening.

We won’t spoil who the Red Hood is, but we will list the stellar cast that accompanies him in this modern classic, high-profile actors such as Jason, Isaacs, Neil Patrick Harris, and even John DiMaggio as the voice of the Joker tell me.

The plot of this full-length flick sees the Dark Knight mistaken for a new vigilante who’s been eradicating the various crime bosses around Gotham. It’s garbage mysteries that Batman does not kill period.

The mission to clear his name has been fondly looked upon by fans of the masked millionaire. Despite mask of the phantasm making a loss upon its release, it was even nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature but ultimately lost against Disney’s.

The Dark Knight Returns. You got a tired old man, shut up the adaptation of the 1986 comic book of the same name sees Bruce Wayne in his middle-aged years as a bitter old man we don’t have to do this sure we do following the death of his protege.

He had hung up the Batman cape supposedly forever, but it took about ten years for the crime of Gotham to boil over the night. You will rely on your brains and your fists tonight. We are the law tonight.

Taking in the atmosphere of the Dark Knight to the limit. This two-part film presents a new twist on the idea of whether or not Batman can still be a superhero at 55 and more puzzlingly, whether or not it’s.

Batman himself creates his own villain, see you in number five Batman Returns. You’re, not the mayor. Things recognized for being one of Tim Burton’s, love letters to the superhero. It’s a good thing.

The director shares many similarities with the Caped Crusader This crazed Gothic turned for Bruce Wayne also sees Danny DeVito as the Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer, as Catwoman meow, striking in visual style, with a beautiful mix of black tones and creeping imagery Burton’s.

Second, entry into the Batman franchise is certainly one to look out for you.  The Dark Knight Rises? The games reveal the climax of Christopher Nolan’s.

Batman trilogy is not without its own mayhem. There’s, only one man to save them, except he’s kind of broken.

The theme of the working class taking back the fortunes of the rich is strongly shown here, alongside fantastic action and storytelling. The ties, the final knot in Nolan’s series you’ve, given them everything not yet number three Batman Begins.

Now we go from the finale to the beginning of Christian Bale’s reign as the Dark Knight. He thinks you’re dangerous. What do you think? I think you’re trying to help at a time when Batman and superhero movies in general, looked like a joke.

Christopher Nolan threw his hat into the ring to direct the Caped Crusader into the future, and it certainly paid off in Batman Begins. Nolan leaves no stone unturned. In Bruce Wayne’s backstory, I will go back to Gotham and I will fight men like this, but I will not become an executioner as he balances his home life, with the struggles of being a masked vigilante that helped kick off the resurgence of Superheroes and pop-culture cheers guy’s number two Batman are you I’m Batman.

Much like Batman Begins. This particular film came at a time when the idea of the Dark Knight was largely looked down on for being a joke, but that’s.

The two squared off in one of the greatest Batman and Joker dynamics ever put on film, bringing a dark tone to the Caped Crusader. For the first time in the mainstream Burton delivers on a delightfully Gothic and atmospheric promise with Batman even earning an Oscar for best art direction.

A lot of people think here’s, dangerous, as the Joker psychotic. Some people say the same thing about you before we unveil our top pick. Here are a few honorable mentions. You know that’s, we’ve been doing this to the run-around of Oz.

For years it’s been loads of laughs, but the sad fact is, none of us are getting any younger. He went down that alley. The Scarecrow’s here, with an army of escaped Arkham inmates and homeless.

The Dark Knight,.

He comes me with a knife. Why so serious sticks the blade in my mouth? Let’s, put a smile on that face. The way the Dark Knight deals with the loss of loved ones and the foundations of good versus evil is great, but the powerful performance by Heath Ledger, as the Joker frankly steals the show on its own.

It’s, not hard to see why we are so serious about the Dark Knight.

Written by Quiz Master