How Well Will You Do On Our Celebrity Couples Quiz?

Celebrity relationships have always captured our curiosity and imagination.

Some of them last for just hours or days, while some last till death do them part.

How much do you know about these celebrity couples?

What wrestler did George Clooney date?

Who is Faith Hill’s longtime husband?

Who was Heather Locklear’s first rockstar hubby?

What were Jayz and Beyonce doing when they met?

Test your celebrity couple knowledge in this Quiz!

Celeb couples who are written in the stars

Let’s take a look at some interesting celebrity couples

Mila and Ashton

I am in love with a doofus, she said. Their characters might not have ended up together on that 70s show, but we take their real-life pleased ending over an on-screen one any day. These 2 grew up and grow together, while shooting the series and out of the relationship, love progressed.

Ultimately, it faced him at an award program, and in the beginning, I was like wow that person’s actually tall like that’s. What I believed and then he reversed – and I went oh and then that minute that you hear or see films, where, like your heart, skips a beat and it occurred with Ashton – and I was like stop it now – it took many years for these 2 to become romantic that strong foundation displays in the way they talk about one another.


Victoria and David Beckham, who might not technically be British royalty, but they are as far as fans are worried.

One is perhaps the most renowned football gamer in the history of the sport and the other made up 1/5 of basically the best woman group of perpetuity, the Spice Girls. Naturally, it’s, the life and successes they’ve because gone on to together that actually make us put this power couple on a pedestal.

Tabloids like to try to toss scandals their method, however, they always appear to rise above it showing that the only viewpoints that actually matter in a relationship are your own. I feel really genuinely blessed to do.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, starlet and tv personality, Ellen DeGeneres and actress/model and benefactor Portia de Rossi first began dating in 2004 and they’ve been offering us relationship goals To aspire to consider that day one – and I gotta, inform you she is thoughtful and kind, and neat and terrific they were married in 2008 and despite being nothing however helpful and loving to one another, they’ve, weathered more than their reasonable share of Breakup and divorce rumors, obviously, they’ve, constantly forcefully closed down such chatter with unabashed statements of their dedication.

Chrissy, Teigen, and John Legend.

There’s, one specific minute, but I understood I liked her. I understood I could see myself dealing with her and hanging out with her forever. John Legend is a soft-spoken singer-songwriter who can melt your heart with just a few strokes of the piano secrets and a couple of emotional notes.

His partner, Chrissy Teigen, is a hilarious, outspoken, and unabashedly vivacious model author and TELEVISION personality. One of us is a little quieter than so yeah, not exactly two peas in a pod but, as they state, revers attract, and in this case, we go so far as to state that Legend and Tegan complete each other.

She trolls him and he enjoys it. He’s motivated by her to compose award-winning tunes, while many celebrity couples provide a thoroughly curated public image.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard forget relationship objectives.

Can we just be a third wheel living as a long-term tag along and the adventures of this impossibly fun? As a couple, Kristen and Dax are known for their unbelievable interviews and hilarious videos.

They’re a comical romantic duo, the similarity which the world has actually never seen before. My objective was to Baghdad Shepard, however, the important things are there, likewise incredibly transparent about the reality that their relationship isn’t all enjoyable and video games.

They’ve acknowledged the importance of couples counseling to assist make it work that’s.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.

These two have actually managed to make it work for decades and they’re still going strong. It’s a kick back and sees somebody that you love extremely a lot. It was just beautiful. She is their evidence that, with the best individual and the right attitude, you can make it work under any scenarios.

Michelle and Barack Obama.

They are constantly the first household of our hearts. Public image and a sense of stability are always essential to the president and his household.

It can be difficult to inform the difference between a performative program for the press and genuine romantic happiness, but with the Obamas, you could see that those smiles were real. These 2 are seriously in love for the last 25 years.

You have actually not only been my wife and mother of my kids. You have been my best friend now that they’ve proceeded to the next stage of their lives. They continue to support each other love one another and influence couples and households around the world to be their finest selves.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski speaking in 2011, Krasinski acknowledged that he understood Blunt was the one, the really very first time he met her

These two seemed predestined for the long run. They’ve made us believe in their contemporary fairy tale, romance several times over from their picture-perfect family, and mutual love of pranks to their unlimited support of each other’s careers.

We’re the type of like screwing around doing bits between scenes, and I began thinking that he was actually funny and we were becoming buddies and after that one day I idea, wait a minute is he hot and we like each other.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

You 2 set the bar real high. They continue to support each other love one another and inspire couples and households around the world to be their best selves.

Who is your fave Celeb Couple?

How did they get together, and how have they stayed together?

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