Do You Know These Academy Award Best Actresses?

“And the Academy Award for Best Actress goes to…….”

Many actresses have been nominated and awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress in its long and rich history of HollyWood.

Do you remember Sally Field? How many nominations does Glenn Close have? And how many does Meryl Streep have? So how much do you know about these very talented, beautiful women?

Test your knowledge in this Academy Award Best Actress Quiz


Who is the best actress ever?

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Betty Davis?
A respected performer Betty Davis, notched up over 100 film theater and TELEVISION credits within her career and is rather rightly considered as among the best starlets to have ever lived last night was stunning, will always be lovely and now that it’s over In terms of Academy Awards, she won 2 and was chosen for 10.

How cozy the very first person to reach double-figure dominances Davis was never too far from the top of her game.

Emma Thompson?

This is a woman that can make us laugh just as much as she can make us cry just as much as she can make us do anything truly.

Poppin me. I was born to speak no matter and all mathematics. Emma Thompson is among the most excellent all-around starlets in history, love on much ado about nothing proved. She had much of something while Howards End won her an Academy Award tonight.

Kate Winslet?

She asked Leonardo DiCaprio to draw her like among his French girls. Not even Kate Winslet herself could have predicted the Titanic scale of success. She’d, go on to attain as a paying client.

I expect to get what I desire with little children. She ended up being the youngest actress to attain 5 Academy Award elections very shocked and with the reader she ended up being the youngest to get six. That’s enough.

For today, kid business success has run parallel to vital praise for Winslet, with flushed away the holiday and divergent all-dominating package workplace chorus. She’s, the very best of British starlets and has been for some time.

Ingrid Bergman?

This Swedish superstar scooped practically every award possible within her career, kiss message. For the last time. 3 Oscars 4 Golden Globes, two Emmys, and a Tony Ingrid Bergman was just brilliant.

She is perhaps most popular for her role as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca.

Jodie Foste?

Next, a starlet who’s, been in the general public eye for most of her life and has actually deserved every ounce of affection that’s been given her.

It’s her 1976 was the year that truly put Jodie Foster at the forefront of our minds as she starred in Bugsy Malone and was Oscar chosen for her role as a minor woman of the street in cabby she that person over there yeah you go speak to him.

Sandra Bullock?
She was making motion pictures long before the start of this century, but she simply seems to have actually gotten back at much better with age. Don’t, you dare lie to me. Sandra Bullock started the millennium as Miss Congeniality, before taking up a role in the crash.

Next came the Blind Side for which she won an Oscar. Never forget how very lucky we are then a switch to funny for the heat then back to blockbusters for the Oscar-winning gravity.

Katharine Hepburn?
I know in a number like me, you ever navigate an opinionated, independent, and enthusiastic woman. Hepburn showed a leading girl in Hollywood.

For over 60 years, we’re at the far edge of middle-age. That’s. All or not. You know we’re, not middle-aged years of age, and I’m. A Teahupoo and her ambitions were wonderfully satisfied, with successes too prolonged to list effectively Hepburn’s.

Julia Roberts?
The chick flick is perhaps among cinema’s, most respected categories in the 21st century, and Julia Roberts is among the major reasons for that.
You understand quite a woman has actually become an iconic film and Notting Hill was highly gotten and don’t. Forget I’m, likewise simply a girl more than simply a rom-com her, though her Academy Award for Erin Brokovich in 2000, was long overdue.

Meryl Streep?

With three Academy Awards to her name and a record 19 elections along with 8 Golden Globes and an amazing 29 nominations. Kramer, vs Kramer, Sophie’s, Choice, and the Iron Lady brought her the most success.

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