Sam Thompson’s Awkward Ant and Dec Saga

Once upon a time in the dazzling world of glitz and glam, reality TV star Sam Thompson found himself in the midst of a cringe-worthy saga with none other than Britain’s beloved duo, Ant and Dec. Picture this: the National Television Awards red carpet rolled out, the air thick with anticipation and hairspray, and our intrepid hero Sam, alongside his trusty sidekick Pete Wicks, on a quest for the ultimate celebrity interview.

But alas, dear readers, not all tales have fairy-tale beginnings. Just a mere couple of months before Sam was to brave the jungle trials of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”, he had an encounter with Ant and Dec that was more awkward than a giraffe in a limbo contest. With his podcast co-host Pete in tow, Sam spotted the dynamic presenting pair and, like a moth to a flame, he made his move.

Imagine the scene: Sam, with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, approaches Ant with the eagerness of a puppy. “You’d be amazing to interview for like five seconds, if that’s OK,” he pleads with the enthusiasm of a die-hard fan. But oh, the agony! The publicist, acting as gatekeeper to the stars, delivers a swift no-go with a shake of the head. Ant, ever the gentleman, offers a handshake instead—a gesture that Sam hilariously mistakes for an interview green light.

“Oh good man, thank you sir!” exclaims Sam, blissfully unaware of the rejection. The realization hits him like a ton of bricks moments later as he stammers out a “Oh you’re saying hi, OK,” his dreams of chit-chat dashed upon the rocks of reality.

Now, let’s give Sam some credit. He did manage to snag a few seconds with Dec, who was kind enough to shake his hand before dashing off with a “I think we’re late.” But oh dear, in his excitement, Sam calls Dec by Ant’s name—a celebrity scandal in the making! The horror! The embarrassment! And Pete? Well, he’s capturing this train wreck on camera for their podcast, declaring it the pinnacle of awkwardness.

Sam scurries back to Pete after his star-struck pursuit, declaring triumphantly, “I got a handshake so, f**k it.” But Pete’s not having any of it, expressing his secondhand embarrassment with a blunt “I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed to be your friend.” Yet our Sam is unfazed. In fact, he’s downright chipper as he proclaims their red-carpet debacle a smashing success.

Fast forward to Sam’s jungle adventure where he enters with all the grace of a cannonball into a pool. He’s there to transform from boy to man, to learn new skills—never mind that his culinary prowess might be on par with that of a toast-burning novice. He’s ready to be the cog in the machine, the yes-man to end all yes-men with “the backbone of a fish.”

And oh how he makes an entrance on “I’m A Celebrity”! With bear hugs for Masterchef’s Grace Dent, First Dates’ Fred Siriex (whom he adores), and former EastEnders star Danielle Harold, it’s clear he’s forgotten his own celebrity status. His giddy confession to Fred—”I’m such a big fan!”—is endearing and hilarious in equal measure.

Viewers at home are eating it up; they’re tweeting faster than you can say “reality tv star.” One fan gushes over Sam’s infectious excitement: “I’m sorry but I absolutely love Sam Thompson. He’s the most excitable person, and he loves everyone. You can tell he’s loving the experience already.” And who could blame them? In a world where celebrity news often borders on the mundane or scandalous, Sam’s genuine enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air.

So let us raise our glasses to Sam Thompson: king of awkward encounters, prince of the jungle, and perhaps most importantly, an absolute legend in making us chuckle at his celebrity romance with his own fame. May your star continue to rise, and may your encounters with Ant and Dec in the future be less about handshakes and more about high fives.

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