Nigel Farage Leads Mirror Poll for ITV’s I’m a Celebrity

Amidst the buzz and anticipation for the conclusion of ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ this Sunday, there seems to be a clear favorite emerging, according to enthusiastic television audiences. A notable figure, Nigel Farage, has captured the attention and support of many, leading in the Mirror readers’ poll with a significant number of votes suggesting that he could very well be crowned King of the Jungle.

The fervor and excitement surrounding ‘I’m A Celebrity’ have seen fans actively participating in the voting process, with thousands casting their votes to determine their favorite contestant. Farage has surged ahead with a whopping 3,527 votes, signaling a strong presence in the jungle that has resonated with the viewers. He’s followed by the charismatic TV personality and radio presenter Sam Thompson, who has garnered 2,128 votes, while the delightful TV star and Big Brother winner Josie Gibson trails closely in third place with 1,960 votes.

What’s more, the race remains tight amongst the other contenders. Professional boxer turned TV favorite Tony Bellew, affectionately known as Teddy T, is in hot pursuit with 1,663 votes. ‘EastEnders’ actress Danielle Harold with 602 votes and JLS sensation Marvin Humes with 451 votes are also in the mix, ensuring that the competition remains fierce and unpredictable.

This surge in support for Farage comes despite a coordinated attempt to have him removed from the lineup, with a campaign group advocating for viewers to turn off the show in protest and over a thousand complaints lodged to ITV. Despite these efforts, Farage’s popularity appears undaunted amongst certain segments of the audience.

Interestingly, Farage’s frontrunner status according to the poll stands in contrast to the bookmakers’ predictions. Tony and Sam are considered favorites by Ladbrokes, with odds reflecting a tight race for the coveted title, and Farage is positioned with odds of 10/1 to take the crown.

Celebrity followers and readers have not been shy about expressing their opinions: “Nigel Farage gets my vote to win,” one fervent supporter declared. Others have shown strong feelings regarding the editing of the show, with comments such as, “In view of ITV executives airbrushing Nigel Farage’s airtime on the show, I propose we double all of our efforts to vote Nigel Farage to WIN!” Numerous viewers are rallying behind Farage, as evidenced by one stating, “Would love to see Nige win as it would upset all the right kinds of people,” while another predicted his victory would silence critics.

Conversely, there hasn’t been a shortage of affection for other contestants. Sam and Josie have also won the hearts of many, with comments praising Josie’s “iconic” status and Sam’s entertaining value on-screen. Support for these contenders continues as the public remains divided on who should ultimately take home the title.

The anticipation is palpable with the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ finale on the horizon, and viewers can still exercise their right to influence the outcome. By voting in the ongoing poll, fans can ensure their favorite has a fighting chance at becoming the latest reality tv star to gain the crown.

As this thrilling chapter nears its climax, it’s crucial to remember that with the poll still open, the tides could turn at any moment. This season of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has truly been a testament to the unpredictable nature of celebrity news and the power of viewer engagement. Whom do you see wearing the crown as King or Queen of the Jungle? Your vote could make all the difference as we await the victor’s reveal with bated breath.

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