Jungle Showdown: Fred Grills Farage on Brexit

Ah, the jungle: a place where celebrities trade their red carpets for dirt tracks and their designer outfits for khaki ensembles that would make Tarzan green with envy. But it’s not just the wildlife that’s wild in “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” Oh no, this year, the campfire was crackling with more than just flames—it was also sparking a fiery debate that had viewers reaching for their popcorn.

Enter Fred Sirieix, the charming maître d’ from “First Dates,” who decided to stir the pot (or should we say, the campfire stew) by confronting none other than Mr. Brexit himself, Nigel Farage. And oh boy, did things get heated faster than a marshmallow on a stick!

Fred, with the finesse of a seasoned sommelier, poured out his questions to Farage, asking him about “his part” in Brexit, and let’s just say, he didn’t hold back on the spice. He called Farage’s campaign “shameful,” and viewers could practically see the steam rising from their screens.

As Fred pointed out that the average Joe had “lost out” since the UK waved goodbye to the EU, Farage stood his ground like a stubborn oak tree, insisting that independence was worth more than a few inconveniences. Farage was all about standing on our own two feet, but Fred seemed to think we’d stepped on a rake instead.

The reality tv star wasn’t buying what Farage was selling, reminding him of that infamous UKIP “breaking point” poster. You know, the one that had more controversy than a celebrity scandal tabloid? Even George Osborne had chimed in back in the day, comparing it to the kind of literature you’d rather use as kindling for your campfire than read.

As the debate raged on, with Farage defending his stance and Fred championing the people’s perspective, other celebrities must have thought they’d accidentally signed up for “I’m A Politician… Get Me Out Of Here!” as they scattered faster than ants at a picnic.

And let’s talk about the audience reaction—because if there’s one thing celebrity news fans love more than a celebrity romance, it’s a good old-fashioned verbal tussle under the stars. Viewers were quick to crown Fred as their jungle king, taking to X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) to sing his praises. The hashtag #FredToWin sprouted up like mushrooms after rain, with fans hailing him as “the people’s prince.”

But let’s not forget the elephant in the room—or should we say, the controversial figure in the camp? Nigel Farage’s jungle jaunt came with a hefty price tag of £1.5 million, but it seems like ITV’s investment might have swung like a vine into a pit of quicksand. Ratings took a dive faster than a celebrity on a Bushtucker Trial, with a 2 million viewer drop compared to last year’s opening night.

The hashtag #BoycottImACeleb was trending like it was going out of fashion, and not even a celebrity romance could save the day. It seems some fans would rather watch paint dry than support a series featuring Farage.

So there you have it, folks—a clash in the jungle that had more drama than a season finale of your favorite reality TV show. Whether you’re Team Fred or Team Farage, one thing’s for sure: “I’m A Celebrity” has served up a dish that’s spicier than ever. And as for who will be crowned king or queen of the jungle? Well, you’ll just have to tune in every night at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX to find out. But one thing is certain: this season is anything but predictable!

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