Hollyoaks Soapstar Nick Pickard’s I’m A Celebrity Preparation

Headline: Nick Pickard Gears Up for “I’m A Celebrity” with Strategic Fasting and Insight From Past Contestants

As fans of the popular TV show “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, one contestant, Nick Pickard, is already making headlines for his unique approach to jungle survival. The beloved Hollyoaks actor, known for his portrayal of Tony Hutchinson since 1995, has openly discussed the pre-show preparations that he believes will give him an edge in the competition.

Pickard, 48, embodies a combination of meticulous planning and affable personality that could well make him a fan favorite on the reality TV show. In a recent interview, the star revealed his clever tactic to combat one of the most daunting aspects of the show: the hunger. To condition himself for the scarcity of food that contestants face in the jungle, Nick Pickard strategically practiced intermittent fasting.

Understanding that adjusting to a diet of meager rations can be among the toughest challenges, he shared, “The hunger, without a doubt, is the scariest thing. That’s what I was most worried about, the not eating, so what I’d been trying to do was intermittent fasting – in preparation.” His goal was to build up a tolerance to mealtimes that could be as unpredictable in the jungle as the Australian climate.

The soap star didn’t just stop at fasting; he also took measures to acclimatize his palate to the anticipated staple diet in the Outback. Engaging with a minimalistic meal, he laughed about his attempt, “I had a bowl of rice the other night and it was really rubbish, and that was just plain rice! If I’ve got to live off this for at least two weeks, I’m in trouble!” Such humor and honesty could well endear him to viewers and fellow celebrities alike.

With Sarah Corrin, his long-term partner, awaiting his return in Australia, Pickard admits to an ulterior motive for joining the show—a pre-Christmas weight loss strategy. “It’s the experience of a lifetime,” he admits, “and you want to do well and you want the public to like you, but the best part about it is you’re going to lose weight.” He expressed the clever benefit of trimming down right before the festive season, following which he would relish a well-earned holiday feast.

The dad-of-one’s preventive weight loss plan seems to be paying off according to his co-star Alex Fletcher, who portrays Diane O’Connor on “Hollyoaks.” She noted, “He’s lost loads of weight!” and playfully shared how she wishes someone would indulge his famously generous appetite.

In addition to his fear of hunger, Pickard has tapped into the collective wisdom of Hollyoaks alumni who have previously braved the jungle challenges, including Jamie Lomas and last year’s contestant Owen Warner. Relating conversations with past participants, he pointed out that each had underscored the difficulties posed by harsh jungle conditions. Nonetheless, he remains upbeat about facing the show’s twin trials of hunger and boredom, intending to use skills honed on the set to keep himself entertained during slow moments.

As Nick Pickard steps into the world of reality tv stars, celebrities, and viewers alike anticipate how he will fare under the intense scrutiny and extreme conditions of “I’m A Celebrity.” Post-show, he’s already lined up his next acting job, which humorously conflicts with his expected sun-kissed appearance from the Australian sun. He laughed off concerns about continuity for his festive role on “Hollyoaks,” saying, “I’ll just suddenly have an incredible tan, well, hopefully… Tony 2.0 brown and slim.”

Pickard’s journey on “I’m A Celebrity” promises to be a fascinating watch—fuelled by a blend of celebrity romance rumors, possible celebrity scandal, and the day-to-day dynamics that capture the attentions of fans of celebrity news. His calculated approach, relatable personality, and candid spirit suggest he could well find himself the darling of the jungle and the comfortable center of the inevitable media whirlwind. Keep an eye on []( for ongoing coverage of Nick Pickard’s adventure and for all the latest updates on your favorite celebrities and reality TV stars.

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