Exciting December 2023 Lineup Unveiled by Netflix Canada

Netflix Canada’s December 2023 lineup is a winter wonderland of fresh titles and poignant farewells as the year draws to a close. The streaming service is decking its digital halls with an array of offerings to entertain every member of the family – from touching dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies to gripping documentaries and riveting series finales.

If you’re in for a comforting mix of yuletide films and star-studded works, Netflix Canada has you covered this December. Revel in the season’s cheer with original content featuring household names—the kind that make headline celebrity news—alongside beloved classics returning to the small screen.

For those who follow the thrills and drama of reality tv stars, there’s a title or two for you too. Let’s unwrap some standout new releases and prepare to bid adieu to certain titles as the year reaches its crescendo.

First to land under Netflix Canada’s tree is “May December” on December 1st. In this compelling drama, acclaimed actresses Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman portray characters entangled in a prism of past scandal and present scrutiny. Portman’s Elizabeth Berry delves deep to portray Grace in a film about the latter’s scandalous history with her husband Joe, played by Charles Melton, highlighting a dynamic narrative of celebrity romance and the relentless eye of the public.

On December 8th, suspense will unfurl in “Leave the World Behind,” with Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke leading as Amanda and Clay Sandford, a Brooklyn couple yearning for a tranquil escape, only to face unforeseen chaos as societal structures crumble in the wake of a cyberattack.

Delight in the heartwarming story of “My Life With the Walter Boys,” launching on December 7th. Young Jackie is uprooted from her New York lifestyle after a tragic loss and must navigate new familial dynamics in rural Colorado—a poignant tale of resilience and finding solace in unexpected places.

“The Crown: Season 6 Part 2” will solemnly grace screens on December 14th, carrying audiences through the latest chapters in the lives of the British monarchy, with focus shifting onto Queen Elizabeth II’s reflections and the line of succession with Charles and William at the forefront.

Fans of musical legacies will be treated to “Maestro” on December 20th, starring Bradley Cooper. This story charts the sweeping romance of Leonard Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre, capturing their long-standing, complex relationship against the backdrop of artistic passion and societal challenges.

“Rebel Moon — Part One: A Child of Fire,” set to launch on December 22nd, showcases an interstellar battle for freedom as distant villagers unite behind a stranger against oppressors.

Documentary and non-fiction aficionados are not forgotten, with “Kevin Hart & Chris Rock: Headliners Only” dropping on December 12th, offering a personal deep-dive into the comedic brilliance and camaraderie of two of entertainment’s most influential figures.

Aside from the star-studded narratives, get cozy with “World War II: From the Frontlines” on December 7th. This docuseries revitalizes the stories of WWII through captivating footage and diverse viewpoints—a profound reminder of global history’s depth and diversity.

The month of December also delivers a slurry of seasonal and recurring favorites with the likes of “Bad Boys II,” “The Craft,” and heartwarming “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” joining the library. Culinary enthusiasts can savor “Top Chef: Seasons 6 and 12,” providing a taste of competition and gastronomic creativity.

December also marks a time for goodbyes as Netflix Canada clears its roster for the New Year. The classic rom-com “13 Going on 30,” the action-packed “John Wick: Chapter 2,” and the spellbinding “Titanic” are among the titles setting sail from the platform on December 31st.

From dramatized accounts of celebrity scandal to recollections of wartime resilience, Netflix Canada’s December lineup presents a spectrum meant to captivate, amuse, and touch the hearts of viewers. Enjoy these last treats from Netflix’s 2023 roster and prepare to ring in the New Year with new resolutions, new beginnings, and undoubtedly new entertainment to discover.

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