Boxing Champ David Haye Dates Actress While in Relationship

In the ever-evolving landscape of celebrity romance, the latest chapter sees former professional boxer David Haye entwined in a complex romantic web. The sportsman, renowned for his prowess in the ring, has recently been caught in the public gaze due to his ostensibly unconventional love life. The saga includes a familiar face from the reality TV sphere, Helen Flanagan, known for her stint on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” in 2012, which she appeared on alongside David.

The dynamic between celebrities is often akin to a page-turning novel, and in this case, David, at 43 years old, has been openly pursuing a series of dates with Helen while maintaining a relationship with his long-term partner, model Sian Osborne, 31. It’s a connection that has raised eyebrows, given the context of Siân and David’s relationship history, having been a couple since 2020 and engaging in a high-profile “throuple” with pop star Una Healy, 42, from the musical group The Saturdays. This trio, however, saw its culmination in February of this year.

Despite the ending of the “throuple,” David and Helen have reignited an old spark, a source close to the situation reveals. Since meeting in the jungle over a decade ago, they have maintained a friendly rapport. Their recent interactions have surpassed mere friendship, prompting many to speculate about the nature of their relationship. The burgeoning romance was on display at a high-profile boxing event after-party, sponsored by Heineken, at the Ovo Arena in Wembley this past May. There, witnesses described their interaction as notably “flirty.” Sian, far from being in the dark, is fully aware of David and Helen’s outings and has met Helen, with the trio getting along splendidly.

Helen, a former star of the beloved soap opera “Coronation Street,” has embraced what can only be described as a modern and open-minded approach to dating following the end of her 13-year relationship with Bristol Rovers footballer Scott Sinclair. “Helen has had some challenging times with dating since she became single, but she’s finding joy in her time spent with David,” mentioned an insider familiar with Helen’s situation.

The source further elaborated that ever since their days in the reality TV jungle, Helen and David’s connection has been noteworthy. But it is only recently that a real spark seems to have ignited, leading them to explore this newfound chemistry. The situation has garnered attention from followers of celebrity news, all keen on understanding how such relationships function in the public eye.

Adding to the complexity, Una Healy recently opened up about her past involvement with David in what was a quite casual arrangement until Sian became part of the picture. Una, reflecting on the experience, expressed her discomfort with the dynamic that ensued: “There’s no dynamic there… she’s not my girlfriend, he’s both our boyfriend, and I just thought, ‘I’m out, you can have him’.”

Despite the presence of another figure, Mica Jova, in social media posts with David and Sian during a trip in April to Costa Rica, sightings of the trio have been sparse since then. This has led aficionados of celebrity scandal to turn their focus to the budding connection between Helen and David.

As the intrigue of this celebrity love triangle and dating drama unfolds, the parties involved, Helen and David, have refrained from public comment. The silence only serves to amplify the intrigue, as followers of celebrity romance news remain transfixed by the developments. This story, a blend of celebrity scandal and the complexities of high-profile relationships, continues to captivate the public and provide fodder for broader conversations about celebrity culture and their private lives.

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