WTF! Kanye West Attacks Beck’s Win At 2015 Grammy Awards!

WTF! Kanye West Attacks Beck's Win At 2015 Grammy Awards!
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Kanye West. There's NO ONE quite like him. And this week he made headlines at The Grammys as he attempted to interrupt Beck's acceptance speech, because he felt Beyonce deserved the award. I mean don't get me wrong Beyonce is the queen and her album was epic beyond belief, but does anyone else agree it's not really Kanye's place to take things into his own hands?

I respect the fact that Kanye is speaking his opinion and he does have some good points, but I truly believe EVERY artist that was at the Grammys deserved to be there. You gotta respect that. and the fact that he just STOMPED all over Beck's moment is the rudest thing ever, he worked just as hard to get there too.

So what's the WTF Lesson Of The Day: To respect artistry, you have to actually respect artists. It's all about respect people.

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