Celebrities in High School

Celebrities in High School! Niki and Gabi
Celebrities on Halloween
Celebrities have a Sleepover!
Celebrity Talent Show:
Celebrities at Prom:

BEHIND THE SCENES of Celebrities in High School!

This is our first Back to School 2016 video and a sequel to our video "Celebrities at Prom 2016"! YAY! This is a taylor swift spoof, selena gomez spoof, ariana grande spoof, meghan trainor spoof and more!!

Comment your fav character if ya see this:)

Taylor Swift- Niki
Ariana Grande- Gabi
Meghan Trainer- Allie Bennicas
Kylie Jenner- Dan Redle
Katy Perry- Rachel Weiss
Big Sean- Kenny Screven
Selena Gomez- Stephanie Sywensky
Kanye- Juvany Jorges
Lana Del Rey- Jesse Hixen
Coach Mendes- Collin Vogt
Miss. Anniston- Mary Baurkot

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