10 Most Shocking Celebrity Stalking Cases

Top 10 creepy stories of stalkers who aggravated the most popular celebrities
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When you’re living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, exposure to the public is part of the celebrity job description. Let’s face it, 99% of celebrities have made it a living to be in front of the public eye and having the media and paparazzi involved in your life and reporting it to the masses. What are meant to be private events, such as breakups, health issues, birth of children, etc. are public events where there’s an audience that feels entitled to know the finer details of your life. With this exposure comes a celebrity’s fan base, which will continue to grow and change throughout the celebrity’s career.
However, with the exposure and the fan base, sometimes a celebrity will attract certain individuals who turn into bigger headaches than anything else. These “fans” obsess over their favorite celebrity, insert themselves in role play and pretend to be a part of the Hollywood life, and then reach over into a psychotic break when they don’t get what they want from their favorite celebrity. These types of fans are better known as stalkers. They are not unfamiliar with the local judicial system and have achieved a certain level of fame on their own for all of the wrong reasons.
The publicizing of stalker stories usually serve as a warning to other people who may have the same idea, as well as offer support to people who may be dealing with a similar situation. Stalkers typically want something from a celebrity and will go to great lengths to achieve their desires. They are not below contacting a celebrity’s family or friends, and they will always be there watching as the celebrity’s fame continues on. The fear is real, and celebs will often have to hire security guards to feel safe.
In this video contains some of the most shocking cases of celebrity stalkers. Tragically, some of these stories end in death, such as Rebecca Schaeffer, Selena, and John Lennon. When it comes to dealing with stalkers, most celebrities have learned to deal with these terrifying people from looking at the experiences of others, or worse, their own experience. Stalkers will usually stop after being taken to court, arrested, or kill. Most of these people are mentally unsound and will watch their celebrities too closely and know no boundaries when it comes to decorum around famous people, let alone normal people in general.
There is no doubt that the stalkers in the video made life a living hell for the celebrities they obsessed about. Also, even after the sentencing is done, the restraining orders are signed, and the bars are locked, the celebrity is forever scarred. The celebrities are doomed to a life constantly looking over their shoulders and wondering who will be the next person to bring about havoc into their lives. As you go watch this video, put yourself in the shoes of these stars. While fame and fortune is certainly a positive thing, being famous comes with a price that not

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