10 Horrible Secrets Celebs Don’t Want You To Know

top 10 dark celebrity scandals revealed by the media
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You or your significant other has likely been there – Standing in the check-out aisle of the grocery store and you happen to look over at the magazines. You notice a headline about some sort of celebrity meltdown, read something about an athlete cheating or see a bold headline about some politicians who is involved in a sex scandal. The next thing you know the magazine is being purchased. Yes, whether it’s Hollywood, the White House or the playing field, we all like to keep up on the latest when it comes to our favorite famous people. How many mansions does your favorite singer own? Who is that star quarterback dating now? Will that Hollywood couple file for divorce? If any of these questions sound familiar to you then you’ve come to the right spot.
One thing about celebrities that people love to find out about are the darker and lesser known stories. Sure you may know everything about a particular sports hero or movie star from last decade or two, but what about stuff that’s buried deep in their past? What about those dark secrets that no celebrity or their publicist really wants you to know about? It seems like most of them have these secrets, it’s just a matter of digging in the right places. From dark family secrets to inappropriate behavior to the straight up bizarre, these celebrities all have something that they keep buried in the closet.

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