Most Ridiculous Celeb Endorsements

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Hey, TV fans. I'm Chako Suzuki from Wetpaint.com, where television makes our list of top 3 priorities — after family and shoes, natch. Although there are few things we love more than our trusty DVRs, there are some commercials worth watching, especially if you want a good giggle. Here are our top 5 most ridiculous celebrity endorsements.

Number 5: Pauly D for Miracle Whip. First off, we kinda don't get this whole reverse psychology campaign from Miracle Whip… Why would you have celebs bashing your product? We WILL say, however, that Pauly's dash of Jersey Shore tanginess — plus his tailored suit — are the campaign's only saving graces.

Number 4: Jennifer Lopez for Venus. This ad needs a disclaimer that shaving your legs with a Venus razor does not guarantee you amazingly toned and tan stems like J.Lo's. At the end of the day, it's just a razor, people, not a miracle-worker.

Number 3: Brooke Burke for Skechers Shape-Ups. Here's another commercial riddled with false advertising. Okay, let's be real here: Shape-Ups are awesome, but simply tying your shoelaces will not result in a body like Dancing with the Stars' co-host, Brooke Burke. We're fairly confident that Brooke exercises her tushie off and probably has a personal trainer, too. But, more importantly, what do kids shaving a dog have to do with a pair of sneakers? And, why do her girls look like they're in the middle of a shoot for Pantene?

Number 2: Ronnie Magro for Xenadrine. Considering the nonstop rumors that Jersey Shore's Ronnie gets his gorilla physique with a little help from steroids, it seems a bit absurd for him to claim that Xenadrine is his secret weapon. We also love the way this ad starts out with Ronnie boasting that, "Keeping it real is what it's all about… that's why I use Xenadrine." Hm, wouldn't keeping it real be more along the lines of eating healthy and exercising? Just sayin'.

Number 1: Jessica Szohr for Dove Deoderant. Gossip Girl fans just adore this pairing. While Blake Lively represents Chanel and Leighton Meester models for top designer Vera Wang and Italian fashion house Missoni, Jessica Szohr is the new armpit of Dove. Love it!

What celeb endorsements do you find absolutely ridic? Sound off on our Facebook page at and don't forget to check for all the latest news and gossip on all of your top prime-time shows. Bye for now.

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